About Arizona AFO

Restoring Mobility Restores Life


Arizona AFO, Inc. is committed to helping individuals achieve a better quality of life. Someone who suffers from a serious foot disorder understands that restoring mobility can be life changing. Stairs are no longer mountains. A walk across the room — by yourself — represents freedom.

Arizona AFO manufactures a line of medical ankle braces for the treatment of foot disorders. The Arizona AFO line is used by physicians and practitioners as a way to increase mobility, avoid pain, avoid surgery, and provide a better quality of life.

Innovative Leader in Orthotics


Arizona AFO developed and patented an ankle brace for PTTD, or Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction. This commitment to innovation has led the company to develop a complete line of medical braces, giving the medical community a range of options for treating the foot without surgery. If this label (on the left) is not sewn on to your brace tongue it is not an Arizona AFO™.

Since 1994, the "Gold Standard" for PTTD Bracing

Arizona AFO not only invented a new product category, it pushed the industry in a new direction. The practice of prescribing an ankle brace as an alternative to surgery for PTTD has now become widely accepted. In fact, the terms "Arizona Brace" and "Arizona AFO" are now used incorrectly in reference to all types of medical ankle braces. But make no mistake, only an Arizona AFO™ is indeed a true Arizona AFO - patented by the US government and tested in medical clinical trials. Accept no substitute for quality.

Arizona AFO is a "Made in the USA" company

Contrary to the industry practice of outsourcing footwear and medical product manufacturing to other countries, all Arizona AFO products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in the United States. Arizona AFO is proud to provide employment for its engineers, craftsmen and employees and is committed to supporting the communities in which we do business.


Arizona AFO, Inc. - Mesa, Arizona

Arizona AFO, Inc. is located in Mesa, Arizona.  All Arizona Braces® are fabricated here at our facility.  We welcome any of our customers to a facility tour if you are ever in the area! 



Meet the staff of Arizona AFO, Inc.

Don Pierson, CO, C.Ped
Vice President


George Garcia, CTO
Production Manager


David Bejarano
BioMechanical Engineer


Jonathan Medrano
Client Service Manager


Rhonda Gill
Accounts Receivable Coordinator



Gina Hawthorne
Customer Service Lead