Arizona Brace® - Unweighting

The Unweighting Arizona Brace® combines the features of the Extended Arizona Brace® but outfitted in full leather. The closure extends to the top of the device and is designed to provide circumferential pressure all the way up the lower leg.

Features & Options

  • Full-length footplate
  • Custom removable insole
  • Soft, comfortable molded leather inner shell lining
  • Padded with 1/8” medical-grade foam
  • Polypropylene shell

Clinical Indications

  • Post fractures of the distal tibia
  • Post fractures of the ankle, subtalar and midtarsal trauma
  • Neuropathic conditions involving ankle and foot joints, heel ulcers
  • Following reconstructive orthopedic surgery after crushing injuries to the midfoot and hindfoot
  • Charcot foot
  • Severe ankle instability

Suggested L Codes: L1960, L2330, L2820

Available Colors

Sand Black White Brown Pink

Closure Options:

Lace Velcro Speed Laces Boot