Partial Foot Walker™

The Partial Foot Walker™ features high-quality leather, a removable custom-molded orthotic and a carbon graphite footplate with a rubber sole. Mated with an optional custom shoe for the opposing limb, the Partial Foot Walker™ 
is the preferred choice for trans-metatarsal amputation treatment.

Features & Options

  • Fine quality leather
  • Custom, multi-density removable insole
  • Partial foot filler
  • Padded with 1/8” medical grade foam
  • Polypropylene AFO shell

Clinical Indications

Abnormally sized and/or shaped feet and ankles in conjunction with the indications listed for the Standard and Tall Arizona Brace®.

  • Trans-metatarsal amputations
  • Chopart’s amputations
  • Syme’s amputations

Suggested L Codes: L1940, L2330, L2820, L5000, L3400

Available Colors

Sand Black White Brown Pink

Closure Options:

Lace Velcro Speed Laces Boot