Arizona Optima Brace

Passing the savings along to you ... our customers save around $100 per brace!

By ordering the Arizona Optima through Arizona AFO, you are ordering direct from the manufacturer, eliminating the middle-man and saving nearly $100 per AFO.
Comparable braces are priced much higher for the same brace, except the Arizona Optima is truly custom. We pass the savings along to you.



  • Ankle Axis Hinge
  • EVA Top Cover
  • Removable Upright Pads
  • Heel Cup - 35mm
  • Top cover length - To mets
  • Heel stabilizer
  • Upright aligned perpendicular to the foot plate

Suggested L Codes

  • L1970
  • L2820
The Arizona Optima Brace is a thermoplastic custom articulated ankle foot orthosis with anatomic ankle axis hinge placement providing unrestricted sagittal ankle motion. The leg uprights are aligned perpendicular to the foot plate and feature a fully adjustable closure system. The custom low profile design allows for easy shoe fit.



Two Styles to Choose From

Arizona Optima Brace Standard

The Standard style features an ankle axis hinge allowing for free motion ambulation
Arizona Optima Brace

The Restricted style restricts ankle dorsiflexion and plantarflexion

Clinical Indications

  • Mild to moderate PTTD
  • Chronic ankle instability

Clinical Indications

  • DJD of ankle or rearfoot
  • Dropfoot - Mild
  • Dropfoot with equinus
  • Dropfoot with spasticity
  • Stable knee