Arizona AFO is dedicated to delivering the gold standard in product quality leading to optimal patient outcomes. Exceptional AFOs begin with exceptional casts. The good news is it’s not hard to produce an exceptional cast. Simply follow the instructions below, which are detailed in the brief video at the bottom of the page, and order an OHI Casting Kit to ensure that you have all of the necessary tools.

step 1With the foot at 90º to the leg, place cutting strip on dorsum of foot. step 2Tape channel tube on top of cutting strip.
step 3Place baggie of appropriate length on foot and leg. step 4Submerge STS sock into warm water to activate hardening solution.
step 5Gather STS sock and slide onto the limb. step 6Position in semi-weight bearing on footboard in corrected position with ankle at 90°.
step 7Deliniate medial & lateral malleolous and other boney prominences. step 8When dry, cut along cutting strip full length.


Casting Board
(2) 17” STS Casting Socks
Cutting Strip
Letter Opener
Casting Guide Booklet
Indelible Ink Pencil
Plastic Tubing
Protective Plastic Bags
STS Scissors
Nexcare Soft Cloth Tape
Download the AZAFO Casting Guide Click to view the full AZAFO Casting Guide!

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