How The Arizona Brace Works

The Arizona Brace is the only patented, clinically tested ankle brace of its kind for the treatment of PTTD and other disorders of the foot.

The Arizona Brace was designed for the treatment of posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction (PTTD). It is the only brace tested to be 90% effective at treating PTTD as an alternative to surgery.

The brace fits into a comfort shoe and stabilizes the ankle area, the talocalcaneal, midtarsal and subtalar joints. It provides medial and lateral stability to minimize sinus tarsi impingement and reduces either forefoot abduction or adduction. Overall, the Arizona AFO’s patented design relieves pain of the foot and ankle complex and increases mobility.


  • Ankle arthritis or DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)
  • Ankle, subtalar or midtarsal trauma
  • Charcot foot
  • Chronic Achilles tendonitis
  • Extra support for the obese patient
  • Increased stability for varum or valgum at the knee
  • Paralytic equinus or drop foot
  • PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction)
  • Severe pronation or pes planus
  • Sports injuries, such as chronic ankle sprains
  • Talocalcaneal varus or valgus
  • Tibialis tendonitis (posterior of anterior)

Anterior / Posterior View of Left Foot

Calcaneus brought under talus as much as possible - Lateral impingement is relieved - Navicular supported - Forefoot abduction reduced - NO PAIN.

Before and After


Before and after results demonstrate the benefits, effectiveness, and relief created successfully in 90% of Arizona AFO customers.

An Alternative To Surgery. An Alternative To Pain.

The Arizona AFO has been proven to be an alternative to surgery for the treatment of certain foot disorders. Its unique design provides pain-free mobility for literally thousands of new patients each year.

The Best Choice, Especially For the Difficult Case

The Arizona AFO is widely recognized at the "Gold Standard" for the treatment of PTTD and similar conditions.

Several Designs To Choose From

The Arizona AFO comes in 9 different configurations to give physicians a range of options to treat patients depending on the nature of the medical condition and degree of support and mobility desired. Four colors are available; sand, white, black, and brown. Lace, Velcro and a combination of both are offered as closures.

A toe filler option is available to all styles for various amputations.

The Arizona AFO Offers Superior Fit

Superior design, quality materials and USA craftsmanship produce a superior fit for greater comfort and fewer revisions. What’s more, we provide a casting kit and video instructions to ensure that an accurate cast is made from which we can produce a perfectly fitted brace.

Quality Materials. Quality USA Workmanship.

An Arizona AFO uses only the finest materials and craftsmanship to provide the best quality available for your patient care.

Fast Turnaround

Because the Arizona AFO is made in the USA, typical turnaround is 2 weeks and orders can be rushed for an additional charge.

Superior Service and Technical Support

Certified orthotists and pedorthists are available by phone for consultation to help practitioners provide solutions for your patients.

Covered by Medicare and Most Insurance Plans

Contact your Medicare office or your health plan provider for details about coverages.

An Arizona AFO Must Be Prescribed By a Physician

See your health care provider to see if an Arizona AFO is an appropriate approach for you to gain mobility, avoid pain and avoid surgery.