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About OHI1Scan

Cloud-based technology offers the flexibility of transitioning between the iPad and your office computer seamlessly. Choose to use the Web App on your office computer to set up patients OR do it on the spot in the exam room. Capture scans quickly and easily using the iPad + Structure sensor. Track the progress of your orders at a glance through the dashboard on your computer. Receive notifications as the orders are processed and subsequently shipped. At the completion, you will receive the same high-quality custom AFO’s you've come to expect from your partners at Arizona AFO.

OHI1Scan - Scanning in the Prone Position

OHI1Scan - Scanning a standing position

OHI1Scan - Scanning using a TechMed3D board

OHI1Scan - Scanning in the Supine Position

Getting Started with OHI1Scan

1. Hardware

You will need an iPad and a Structure Sensor. You can use your existing iPad. Check for compatibility below.

iPad (5th Generation)

iPad 6th Generation

9.7-inch iPad Pro

10.5-inch iPad Pro

12.9-inch iPad Pro

iPad Air

iPad Air 2

iPad Mini 2

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 4

2. Software

Download the Fusiform app (which powers OHI1SCAN) and the Calibration App for the Structure Sensor. To register for Fusiform, you will need to have an OHI1SCAN account number.

  • If you are a current customer with any one of the OHI brands, contact your OHI sales rep to get started.
  • If you’re not a current customer and you do not have an account number, please contact us at 877-780-8382 or email

3. Setup Your OHI1Scan Account

Wi-Fi is essential for initial registration and submitting orders.

4. Begin Using OHI1Scan

For any inquiries on the OHI1Scan, please contact us at 877-780-8382.


Do You Want to Know More?

Contact us today for more detail and release information on the revolutionary OHI1Scan system.

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