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What's Included

  • A. Casting Board
  • B. (2) 17" STS Casting Socks
  • C. Cutting Strip
  • D. Letter Opener
  • E. Casting Guide Booklet
  • F. Indelible Ink Pencil
  • G. Plastic Tubing
  • H. Protective Plastic Bags
  • I. STS Scissors
  • J. Foam
  • K. Nexcare Soft Cloth Tape
Step 1

With the foot at 90º to the leg, place cutting strip on dorsum of foot.

Step 2

Tape channel tube on top of cutting strip.

Step 3

Place baggie of appropriate length on foot and leg.

Step 4

Submerge STS sock into warm water to activate hardening solution.

Step 5

Gather STS sock and slide onto the limb.

Step 6

Position in semi-weight bearing on footboard in corrected position with ankle at 90°.

Step 7

Deliniate medial & lateral malleolous and other boney prominences.

Step 8

When dry, cut along cutting strip full length.

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